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Wisdom Light Services


There are countless forms of bodywork, each with a specific means to assist the body in restoring optimal function. Aviana Mindful Touch is the specialty at Wisdom Light. Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy are also offered. 

Mentorship is a professional relationship in which an experienced mentor assists another in developing specific skills and knowledge that enhances the seeker’s personal growth and healing. Focus is on mentoree’s mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional awareness.

About Wisdom Light

Welcome, Soul Friend, to Wisdom Light where we empower one light at a time through loving, healing, and awareness. It is my joy to serve Love. While the past has a place and the future is yet to come (quantum physics aside), the invitation is to be present to the Here and Now. Joy, love, healing, and awareness can only be found in this moment. When we realize this, we feel better and live with more ease. Most of us need mentors whose lives match their teachings. If you desire illumination in your life, allow me to journey with you. This is how I serve Love.

  • Spiritual Direction and Soul Friendship
  • Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)
  • Aviana Mindful Touch Therapy
  • Meditation Mentoring

Concierge Services

Melanie Reed Concierge

Melanie Reed Concierge is a division of the Wisdom Light Retreat Center.

I travel to you as your personal assistant for wellness, spiritual companionship, and concierge/task services.

Please call with any questions or ask for a complimentary consultation about my assistance.

Melanie Reed - Wisdom Light Retreat Center


"From the time I enter, Wisdom Light Retreat Center fills me with a sense of calm and serenity. Melanie has a gift for putting me at ease and allowing me to embrace the moment and the experience. I always leave feeling uplifted in body, mind and spirit!”
"Melanie is a truly gifted master of her practice. What an honor to be treated and guided by her. It has been a life changing experience. A million times thank you!"
Suzanne S
"Glad I finally heard of and tried Reiki. I feel refreshed and have less pain even though I have been suffering from diverticulitis for three days. Thank you for relieving some of this pain and I look forward to the continued improvements from today's treatment."
Vicki K
Call Us @ 703-674-0474