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Aviana Mindful Touch Therapy transforms individuals by helping to restore healthy balance and renewed energy through a greater sense of well-being and acceptance. It was created to encourage the reversal of symptoms of stress, combining both conventional and complementary remedies. Aviana gently and safely works to stimulate the immune system and helps support each individual’s personal healing effort including those living with cancer or extreme stress.

  • relaxes body and rejuvenates mind
  • pressure point therapy
  • supports medical procedures
  • supports treatment programs
  • creates empowerment

Reiki focuses on the hands being a conduit for universal life force energy and restores balance to the chakras that support our organs. Reiki is a great tool for staying balanced because it promotes relaxation, which in turn reduces stress, which then promotes healing the body on all levels. Reiki is also useful before and after any surgical procedure.

  • reduces fatigue
  • reduces anxiety
  • reduces pain

Absentee energy work and distance intercession are available. $1/minute payable in advance of session. Call to schedule an appointment.

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) focuses on removing negative issues from the tissues, as well as from the auric field. IET assists in removing issues such as guilt, shame, anger, resentment, fear, and powerlessness. I personally had an issue that appeared to be physical and, honestly, many physicians and tests over the years could not identify it. A fellow IET student practitioner did her first session on me, and the issue of powerlessness was removed literally/energetically from the tissue. If you know me, you know that this is a healing miracle and the power of energy work.