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Concierge Services

Melanie Reed - Wisdom Light Retreat Center

Are tasks weighing you down? Do you simply desire a companion along the way? I come to you! Melanie Reed Concierge is a division of the Wisdom Light Retreat Center.  Please call 703-674-0474 if your need is not listed.

  • Shipping packages (under 40 pounds)
  • Packing moving boxes
  • Supervising contractors in the home
  • Waiting for installation services in the home
  • Returning cable boxes
  • Purchasing goods and groceries and delivering to your home or elsewhere
  • Placing your grocery order on line and having it delivered to you
  • Delivering pharmacy items
  • Costco shopping
  • Ordering flowers
  • Purchasing, wrapping, and delivering gifts
  • Scheduling doctor appointments
  • Researching a particular topic
  • Typing your hand-written memoir
  • Assist with writing checks/paying bills
  • Picking up and returning library books
  • Assisting with organization
  • Dropping off donation items
  • Scheduling donation pick ups

Please call with any questions or ask for a complimentary consultation about my assistance.

Call Us @ 703-674-0474