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Finding Your Guru Within

Do you believe everything that you were taught from birth by well-intentioned parents, religious leaders, teachers, and others along the way? How could something have been so “true” in your life just 10 or 20 years ago, and now it doesn’t have any relevancy at all? Does truth change? What is truth? What is a guru, and who in the world is the guru within? How do we find this guru?

One meaning of guru is one who dispels darkness of ignorance. In Hinduism and Tibetan Hinduism, a guru is a personal spiritual teacher. We often refer to somebody who has a lot of knowledge and experience in a particular subject as a guru, for example, a fitness guru.

My personal definition of the guru within is a vibrational energy that guides me. Sometimes I call it God Within mostly because I was raised in the Christian tradition. However, the guru within is truly nameless. It is simply guidance for the highest good of ourselves and all sentient beings.

I have a disclaimer and one caveat. If you are loving, serving, living in joy, and are content with what you’ve been taught and what you believe; then congratulations–you have no need to find anything within. If you live a life of balance including spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health, I commend you. Finding Your Guru Within is for those who may be unhealthy, unhappy, dissatisfied, feel negative or hopeless, experience little joy in life, and wonder about the meaning of it all.

I do not know the meaning of life for sure, but I do know that each of us passes from this earthly plane. I’m creating the most fulfilling life I can–serving Love–using my gifts of wisdom, empathy, and teaching. If you are tired of status quo, living out of duty, feeling hopeless or frustrated, Validation Coaching is your invitation to have an enlivened life that gets you out of bed in the morning ready to breathe your way through a happy and meaningful day of your choosing.

Validation Coaching does not mean that I will stroke your ego. Validation is a natural experience that happens because I know that I matter to myself and Universal Oneness and that integration allows me to embrace every fiber of your being. Embracing empowers and inspires another to know that they matter greatly, too. There is a huge difference between self value and self esteem. When we realize we were born for a purpose with exquisite self value, we become less concerned about society being in charge of our happiness. Allow Your Guru Within to redefine your sense of who you thought you were.